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Write an essay in which you identify the many images of imprisonment in this novel, and explain the symbolic significance of these images relative to the theme. More so, Joe represents the world that Pip wises to escape from. He is entirely faithful to his father, the "Aged Parent.

Miss Havisham, daughter of a wealthy brewer, remains a scrawny white haired woman in seclusion throughout the book. The result is that she can not love anyone, not Pip or Miss Havisham. And instead of being at least grateful to what he has amassed and what has been given to him unconditionally, he planned on returning all of his received belongings to Magwitch, whom he regarded as a hardened criminal who had gotten his wealth from wrongdoings.

Estella benefits from criminality in a manner quite similar to Pip's own, though this is also not discovered until late in the novel; the daughter of Magwitch and Molly, a murderess-cum-maid, Estella is adopted by Miss Havisham while her parents face -- or attempt not to face -- the consequences of their crimes.

At the same time, all of Pip's education and refinement ends up a punishment in its own right, as Magwitch does not have the wealth to sustain Pip in any sort of gentlemanly fashion -- Pip becomes unable to remain in the class to which he was born given the broader views and higher vistas he has been granted through his education, yet he is equally unable to remain in the class to which h has become accustomed due to a lack of money.

This leads to yet one more way in which the larger plot of the novel is shaped by visions of crime and punishment, and more specifically of the ability for the moneyed classes to profit further from crime while the poorer are punished and made further destitute, whether guilty or innocent.

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It is at this point, where Pip begins to think that he is character in a fairy story.

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Being a blacksmith is hard and requires determination, commitment and skill, yet no formal learning. This shows is once more just how Dickens uses Joe to represent all that is honest and good in the novel. Contributing to the earlier part of the novel, and most in part to the end of it, is regret.

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Like Pip, she is raised above her station as the direct result of others' crimes, though unlike Pip she is well and truly elevated to a new social station and level of wealth.

The "Walworth Wemmick" is calm, good-natured, and kind. Pip's concern with Joe's commonness is only b In fact, the darker moods dominate the text, with mystery and danger always lurking beyond the next page. This is because the readers usually form their opinions on a character from the characters first appearance.

On his twenty-fourth birthday, Pip learns that his benefactor is not Miss Havisham, but the convict from long ago. Pip finally acknowledges this in what he states towards the end of the novel: Pip falls deeply in love with Estella and hates the feeling of shame brought up by the fact that he is merely a common labouring boy.

Pip's apprenticeship with the lawyer Jaggers provides him ample opportunity to see the legitimate profitability of crime for the legal profession, and his ambition to practice law himself is strangely consistent with yet notably different from the first action he….

She is portrayed as a strict mean person to Pip and Joe Gargery throughout her presence in the novel, by using the "tickler," a cane for beating him when bad.

The situation in which Joe finds himself would appear to be very similar to that which he was found in his encounter with Miss Havisham: As was stated earlier Joe did not want a premium for Pip and has very little interest with money.

He is pleasant, a hard worker, and easy to get along with. By refusing to talk with Miss Havisham, he refuses to share in her view of the world, refusing to turn his love for Pip into a commercial transaction.

He created a story that made the contrast between rich and poor clear and concise. It was his honesty and description that made him a very successful Victorian author.

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Wopsle weave their tales of how the thief must have stolen the pork pie, when all the time, it was no thief but Pip. Yet in the London streets, so crowded with people and so brilliantly lighted in the dusk of evening, there were depressing hints of reproaches for that I had put the poor old kitchen at home so far away….

Pip soon realises what a great mistake he has made in making Joe unwelcome, however, by this time it is too late and he is gone.

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The companionship that Pip gave was paid, and the two protagonists seemed to have shared a phony love, though in the more pleasant ending of Dickens, they ended up being together and vowed never to part was again. Earlier he has told us that his love for Joe was a simple matter of equality: This section contains words approx.

However, Joe fails to answer, the reason for this being quite simple:establishes the theme and shows Pip learning this lesson, largely by exploring Throughout Great Expectations, Dickens explores the class system of Victorian England, ranging from the most wretched criminals (Magwitch) to the poor peasants Essay.

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jakeglass. Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #1: Pip’s Personal Improvement Project in “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens One of the “great expectations" insinuated by the novel’s title is that of Pip’s “advancement in life" (See Selected Quotes, below).

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Essay Great Expectations: PIP'S PERSONALITY CHANGE Most people would assume that through age and maturation, a boy with a wonderful heart and personality would further develop into a kind hearted, considerate gentleman.

In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens provides his readers with an example of a boy who regresses in certain aspects of his personality rather than progressing as one. Pip's Rise and Fall in "Great Expectations" Summary: "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens is the story of the rise and fall of the main character, Pip, as a gentleman.

A brief plot summary of the novel. Great Expectations: Pip Essay Sample. In this novel Pip is the one who develops the most, he starts as a “small bundle of shivers” and transforms into a mature man with a string sense of loyalty, justice and honesty.

His role as the narrator in the novel is of fundamental importance to the way we learn about Pip. Class Structure in Great Expectations: Dictate Your Own Fate Abstract In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

The formation of class structure is often dependent upon a set of criteria that reveals divisions between.

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